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The real you

why change your uniqueness

Why change Your most prized possession                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Why change your authentic personality

Why struggle to be someone else

Why feel unimportant

Why feel inferior and have no Ego

Why walk with your head held down

Why are you afraid to be you 100%

The real you, deep within

The one crafted by the creator


An embodiment of talents

An Empire or power

An epitome of wonder

An endless field of fresh Jasmine

All you need is to just be you

You may even be the best in the  room

All you need is to be real

100% you, with all to show and none to hide

priceless qualities the world has never  seen

A brand new line

A unique brand

A million dollar personality


The real you

The you the world is dying to see

The you the world needs to survive

The you that inspires the  sun to shine

The you that causes the sky to smile

Unleash the real you and awe the world!

Ehikioya Praise-el


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