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The outfits we put on are like silent whispers. They look so simple at times but have a million words within them. It is often said that the way one dresses is the way he/she will be addressed. I personally feel there’s more to it; most times the comfort of one’s attire or outfit determines their mood that day or that moment. You can put on a really tight outfit and feel trapped the whole day. You get unnecessarily enraged and feel irritated by little things that would normally not irritate or annoy you on a normal day. Meanwhile, when you put on a really comfortable outfit you feel very free, relaxed and happy all through the day and get the total opposite of the initial experience with the tight skirt.  So I feel our outfits have a vital role to play in influencing our moods.

When we dress very beautifully and handsomely we find that there’s this new air around us with a different feel to it. We find ourselves soaked in a new kind of mindset where we are soo confident we can walk freely and address any kind of crowd without felling shy or ashamed. We see the whole world below us and there we are; up high shining brighter than the sun. When you dress well and someone   says “nice skirt or nice trouser” no one can deny the pride and joy that feels you up and you are then reassured that “I am looking beautiful”.

From that moment on you find yourself wearing a different smile and add a stylish walking step to go with the gorgeous outfit. This is proof that our outfit contributes in building our confidence and charisma.

I also believe that one’s outfit determines the kind of people one meets and associates with. You find that just the way environment determines the kind of outfit one puts on so also does the way one dresses determines the kind of people one meets. If you wear a corporate outfit you discover that seven out of the ten people that associate with you are as corporately dressed as you are. When you dress casual you meet casual people, when you dress in a stylish way you meet people with the same stylistic mindset.  So you need to dress to look the part you want the world to you see as.   The outfit you put on also contributes to the kind of people you meet and find around you.

So let your outfits send the intended messages and signal. Let it discern serious minded people from players, jobless from working class and people who are fun and adventurous from boring ordinary individuals.

Don’t wear a very skimpy and indecent outfit and expect a pastor to approach you… my sister, you are sending the wrong signal and attracting the wrong crowd.

As a female student you wear a really short tight skirt and a provocatively revealing top to a lecture where a male lecturer is to lecture and wonder why he asks for you  number after the lecture…then you begin to as why me? What does he want from me? Why is my case different? Sister your case is not different but your outfit is. Please lets not go about tempting the devil.

There are uncountable stylistic ways to dress and still look beautiful, decent and attractive.

As a guy don’t wear seriously ripped jeans with a vest and ask out a responsibly dressed girl and expect a “yes”; bruhh how will she introduce you to her dad or friends looking like that? Except the Holy Spirit intervenes it won’t happen.  A mirror is a necessity for everyone irrespective of their sex or age. Most people feel only women and girls are the only ones who need mirrors…” am good i don’t need it’ No! You do to. The way we think before we speak and even play it in our mind countless times is the same way you need to look at the picture image of you in the mirror several times and what you want to show to the world. Make sure your eyes and heart accepts it before you show it to the whole world.

We should all endeavor to be well and appropriately dress at all times and for all occasions to avoid feeling embarrassed.


Ehikioya Praise-el



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